What fabric holds up best for my job conditions?

The industry standard for a long-lasting garment is a 65% cotton, 35% polyester blend. But that does not mean 65/35 always the right answer for a given job situation.

Your associates in uniform need garments that support the function of their job description and work environment. In fact, it is not uncommon to have several different requirements for jobs within a single company. One solution may or may not suit all. Take time to fully survey various environments, work tasks, safety issues, comfort factors, and regulatory requirements that must be taken into consideration. We can help with that.

The wrong uniform can expose your workers to risk and expose you to liabilities and workers compensation claims. Make sure you take the time to answer this question correctly – for each of your workers.

Can my route driver answer questions or help me with problems?

Yes. Our drivers are more than drivers.

Each one is a trained front line service representative and can assist with any need. Further, they have the autonomy to do something about problems.

You may be used to drivers from other outfits that are in a hurry to move on. And drivers who seem to change every month. Our guys are there to get to know you and your business, so please take a little time to get to know them, too. They’re here to help you in any way they can.

Can my invoices be emailed?

Of course. Our document management system allows invoices and monthly statements to be emailed, mailed – or even faxed – upon request.

Do you offer scrubs?

We are proud to partner with our health care clients. Yes. Uniform Masters offers a wide variety of scrub pants, scrub tops and lab coats in a surprising variety of materials and colors.

If I call your office, will I have to talk to a machine?

Our number one policy is to have real human beings answer the phones during business hours. That’s the best way we know how to maintain our reputation as the most helpful and the most responsive uniform and mat service in the region.

You need action? Call between 8am and 5pm and you’ll talk to a service coordinator who knows how to get things done. And if she ever needs help, she sits just a few feet away from the service manager and the president.

We’re here to take away the headaches of uniform management, so you can focus on your business.

Can uniforms have a tangible impact on productivity?

The Cornell School of Hotel and Restaurant Management published a study titled, ‘The Effects of Employee Uniforms on Employee Satisfaction.’ In an effort to determine the impact of uniforms on workplace attitudes, interaction, and performance, they asked associates pointed questions regarding uniform function, style, materials, performance, and practicality.

They found that when utilizing the correct uniform for a given job function, more than 70% of associates enjoyed increased self-confidence, achieved higher job performance, and felt the uniform enhanced their level of professionalism.

Clearly, the right uniform can have a significant positive impact – but on the other hand, the wrong uniform can be an impediment. So don’t make the mistake of choosing a uniform only for its esthetic impact on customers. Get employee feedback early in the selection process. And work with a vendor that can counsel you on which styles and materials will best fit your workforce and workplace.

What will it cost me when an associate quits?

Before leaving your facility each week our service representative will inquire if everything is going well, and if there are any changes needed to be made with in the account. Upon an associate quitting, it is best to let our service representative know so that he can begin to account for garments from the quit employee that have been turned in. You can also notify us by email or phone call if you wish.

We work hard to make those transitions as painless as possible. The first thing is simply to let us know right away. Let your service rep know when he makes his weekly delivery, or just call our office. That way, we can help with the process of making sure that the exiting associate turns in all their uniforms.

Our next step is to re-use where we can, and to get garments ready for your replacement as soon as possible. Even if the uniforms are a write-off, we do something that no other uniform service does. Instead of billing full price for lost, unusable or unreturned garments (as our competitors do), we’ll apply a cost depreciation formula. It seems only fair.

Do you know where my garments are right now?

Yes. Every garment in our care is tracked by means of a barcode. Each one is scanned at multiple points. This allows us to know exactly where in the process and in our facility a garment may be at any time.

Uniform Masters has used barcode tracking successfully for more than two decades. Even now, we find it to be more economical and more practical than RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips. If you’d like to know more, please do call us. We could go on and on about the ins and outs of garment tracking…

Why would we ever want to rent uniforms?

The only reasons we can think of are cost and convenience. Convenience for you and your staff.

With a full-service rental program, there’s no cleaning to do, no heavy up-front investment, and no time wasted on managing inventory.
We launder and inspect garments as they move through our facility and identify items in need of repair or replacement. And we handle it all for a modest monthly fee, which leaves you with more time and resources to focus on your core business.

However, these days many jobs no longer involve the level of dirt and grime of that calls for outside cleaning. So a managed uniform program without laundering may be the better solution. In that case, Uniform Masters offers lease programs where we still manage replacements, inventory, and your associates’ overall image, but at a significant cost savings by omitting pick-up, cleaning and delivery.

In any event, our customer service representative will stay in close contact to assure inventories are where they should be and issues are taken care of.

Do uniforms really make a difference to customers?

Consumer research continues to show that the public prefers your employees be in uniform.

Uniformed employees are seen as more professional, more credible, more service-oriented, more capable, and more trustworthy. In fact, it is just downright reassuring to know who your employees are before they ever verbally identify themselves.

Consumers also express that they are more likely to do business with a company whose employees are in uniforms over a business whose employees are not

Are there any local independent uniform companies out there?

Yes! Uniform Masters has been serving Greater Memphis as a family business since 1946.

Some companies claim to be a local presence, while outsourcing their customer service and even their laundering facilities to outside venues. What does that mean to you? Having a local facility with accounting and customer service members local to you, means your concerns are promptly handled to your complete satisfaction with in 24 hours.

Do all uniform contracts automatically renew?

It is standard practice in the uniform industry to include clauses in service agreements which state that notice of intent to discontinue (in writing, and usually by certified mail) must be given sixty days before the agreement is set to expire. Otherwise, the agreement will automatically renew for like terms.

Just so you know, the agreement expiration date is typically calculated from the date of first delivery. Not the date you signed the agreement. If you’re working with another provider besides Service Master, take the time to put the key dates (especially the notification window) in your calendar – so you have a choice in the matter. Also, you may want to go ahead and send a certified letter early, stating that you intend not to renew, so that you leave possibilities open for down the road. This may be done any time after accepting first delivery. Just keep a copy of that letter on file.

If I receive a garment that doesn’t fit, will it be replaced in a timely manner?

In most cases, yes.

The only exception would be if the garment had been special-ordered or was a custom cut. Over-sizes (such as 7XL shirts) often are not inventory items. It could take weeks for the manufacturer to fill an order, due to the fact that the manufacturer has to process a minimum number of orders to get custom cuts back into production.

In any event, we will do everything possible to meet your needs quickly. And we’ll work closely with you to get the specs exactly right on the front end – that’s the best way to assure uniforms fit properly.

Why should I even sign a contract?

Our promise is to deliver uniforms on your terms – so if you don’t want a long term contract, we’ll serve you without one.

Keep in mind, however, that formal agreements protect the client as much as the provider.

A contract also allows us to make terms more predictable and affordable. With a contract, we can spread the costs over several months or years. Without a contract, upfront fees must necessarily be higher.

That being said, we’ll work with you on a week-to-week bases. Or a sixty month contract. Or anywhere in between. All we ask is a chance to make you look good.

What if uniforms need to be replaced?

Uniforms can take minor damage, be ruined, be lost or stolen, or simply wear our over time. And sometimes you just need a new size.

With a laundering service arrangement, we are constantly inspecting uniforms for need of repair or replacement. And you are certainly welcome to alert us to an issue by giving us a call or telling your service advisor on his regular visit.

How the issue is handled depends on the agreement, but in most cases, problems from normal wear and tear are covered at no additional cost.

Lost, stolen, abused, or intentionally ruined uniforms are another matter altogether. As are new uniforms required by personnel or size changes. These will either be subject to agreed-upon replacement costs or they may be covered by what amounts to a garment insurance policy. We will take the time to explain your options and help you find the replacement strategy that best meets your needs.

How does the Uniform Masters guarantee stack up?

While most uniform services promise they will perform to the “industry standard,” we simply guarantee your satisfaction. If anything goes wrong, we will make it right in thirty days or less. We’re human. We do make mistakes. But the way we respond and correct our mistakes is one thing that really sets us apart.