Uniform Masters Rolls Out New Branding

June 3, 2016

Uniform Masters Rebrands Its Image

For thousands of Memphians, wearing a uniform may be part of the job, but keeping these uniforms up-to-date and in good condition is Uniform Masters’ job. For 70 years, Uniform Masters has supplied hundreds of Memphis and Mid-South companies with customized uniforms, making sure that their employees are fitted in uniforms that are clean and ready for work.

In celebration of 70 years as a family-owned, family-operated business, Uniform Masters has spiffed up its own image supported by a new logo and branding strategy designed to update the message of a reliable and efficient partner.

“My grandfather started this business when most uniforms were dark blue, grey or white,’’ said Robert Caen, marketing manager for Uniform Masters. “That was long before companies like FedEx, McDonalds, and Medtronics realized that employees who wear well-designed and tailored uniforms send a message of confidence, reliability and competence.

“Uniform Masters has spent decades updating everyone else’s image so we decided it was time to update ours,” said Caen.

Uniform Masters turned to the branding experts at Tactical Magic to design a new logo for the company and develop a brand strategy that will take this homegrown business deep into the 21st century.

In addition to providing clients with a full-range of customized apparel, Uniform Masters also provides companies with customized floor mat solutions and critical workplace supplies.

Rapid Response Fleet

“We provide quality products from the top apparel and floor mat manufacturers as well as the latest in turnkey laundering and inventory control services,” Caen said.

According to Caen, uniforms also help to improve workplace safety and sanitation. Uniform Masters’ products include dress slacks and shirts, casual business wear, industrial uniforms, jackets and coveralls, lab coats and smocks, wraps and aprons, kitchen apparel and all-weather gear.

“We don’t just supply uniforms and floor mats, we build long-term relationships with our clients to make sure that their uniform program is the last thing they need to worry about,” Caen said.

Uniform Masters is Memphis is a member of the CSC Network, the national alliance of independent uniform suppliers.

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For more information, please contact Robert Caen at 901-363-4841.