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March 22, 2022

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Any Tennessee business in need of high-quality uniform and facility service should only go with the best. Uniform Masters of Memphis is the experienced, local partner that your business needs to succeed!

This is What Uniform Masters Provides Memphis Businesses

Uniform Masters of Memphis stands out from the competition thanks to our products, services, and company history. Here’s what that means for you:

High-Quality Apparel

Uniform Masters of Memphis offers work apparel for a variety of situations and businesses. Our apparel is comfortable for long periods of time and durable enough to withstand repeated use. We maintain them ourselves through our commercial laundry service, ensuring that everything is always as good as new and in stock. We offer:

  • Two-Tone Shirts
  • Polos
  • Work Shirts
  • Cargo Work Pants
  • Cargo Work Shorts
  • Work Jackets
  • Two-Tone Work Jackets
  • Color-Blocked Jackets

Reliable Floor Mats

Uniform Masters of Memphis helps maintain our clients’ floors with reliable floor mats of all kinds. Our mats have thick, durable bristles that effectively remove debris from the soles of shoes and hold their ground against heavy traffic. They are a great tool for combating slip and fall accidents, coordinating messages, branding toward customers, and keeping everyone comfortable on their feet. Our selection includes:

  • Logo Mats
  • Waterhog Logo Mats
  • Message Mats
  • Custom Sized Mats
  • Scraper Mats
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats

Effective Facility Cleaning Supplies

Floor mats aren’t our only means of maintaining cleanliness in our clients’ facilities. Uniform Masters of Memphis offers a wide range of facility cleaning solutions geared towards floor care, restroom sanitation, and odor control. This includes:

  • Air Fresheners
  • Bar Towels
  • Bath Towels
  • Shop Towels
  • Microfiber Dust Mops
  • Microfiber Wet Mops
  • Wet Mops
  • Restroom Paper Products
  • Soap & Dispensers

A Long History in the Industry

Since 1946, Uniform Masters has been the leading provider of uniforms and facility services to Tennessee businesses. We are a local business that understands the needs of our clients because we work closely with them. Unlike national providers, we are only a call away and are available when needed. Working with us also means contributing to your own local economy and environment. Our extensive history of service and track record for success prove that we are a reliable service provider.

Honest Billing Practices

Tired of seeing invoices that don’t add up? Uniform Masters believes there is nothing to be gained from deceptive billing practices and works hard to get every detail right. With us, there are no hidden fees, no fine print, and no questionable math, just honest invoices and competitive rates.

Contact Uniform Masters Today!

Uniform Masters of Memphis has the supplies and dedicated service that your Memphis business needs! Sign up today by calling us at 1-901-363-4841 and a customer service representative will walk you through your options. Want more information or a free quote? Reach out to us here!