Scraper Mats

Scraper Mats

Uniform Masters is proud to offer a versatile mat catalog designed to keep your workplace safe and clean. Prioritize employee and customer health with mats that eliminate excess dirt, moisture, and other harmful contaminants. Whether you are looking to protect your floors from the slippery conditions notorious for increasing slip-and-fall risks and derailing productivity, or to trap dirt and debris before they enter your building, Uniform Masters has scraper mats perfect for you.

Empowered by Quality

Scraper mats are built with durable, non-slip material. Its nitrile rubber backing prevents slippage and deterioration. These materials withstand heavy foot traffic, weather conditions, and other harsh elements, making them ideal for use in commercial and industrial settings. Whether you are looking for a mat to place at your entrance or to use in a high-traffic area, Uniform Masters has a scraper mat that will meet your needs.

Premier Defense

Scraper mats consistently and effectively capture dirt and debris thanks to their rugged, textured surface. This helps to keep your premises clean, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. Uniform Masters scraper mats prevent dirt and debris from tracking into your building. This is crucial amidst the changing seasons that present more opportunities for nature’s elements to overwhelm your establishment.


Prioritize people over profits. The textured surface of these mats provides a non-slip surface, helping to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls. This is particularly important in areas where there’s a risk of moisture, such as entrances to buildings during rainy weather. By reducing the risk of slips and falls, scraper mats can help to keep your employees and customers safe, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to staff and guests that ultimately affect your bottom line.

Unwavering Strength

At Uniform Masters, we understand the importance of quality and durability. That’s why we offer a wide range of mats, each infused with the unmistakable industry-leading quality that empowers your business to endure life’s harsh conditions. Across our entire catalog, our mats feature materials resistant to fading, cracking, and other forms of damage. This ensures that they will provide reliable performance for years to come.

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Scraper mats from Uniform Masters are essential tools for businesses looking to elevate their standards of exceptional service. Whether you’re looking for a mat to protect your floors from wet and slippery conditions or to trap dirt and debris, we have the tools ready to rise to the challenge. Contact us at (901) 363-4841, or email us to learn more about our products and services.

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