Logo Mats

Logo Mats

Affecting positive change with quality products that separate your establishment from your competitors is no easy feat. In every aspect of business, attention to detail and exhausting every possible resource to elevate your brand is practically mandatory to stand out in our increasingly competitive industries. Uniform Masters understands the power of subtlety and the lasting impressions of small gestures. Our logo mats are the perfect addition to spruce up your image, communicate success, and add another layer of protection for your valued staff and guests.

Good First Impressions

Whether we like it or not, first impressions hold tremendous weight in business. We don’t lose sight of the profound effect they have on setting the tone for the outstanding service that comes next. Every inch of your business is another opportunity to send a message that you value the people behind the brand. Our HD logo mats capture your vision and transfer it to our logo mat canvas with photographic quality images. Demonstrate your commitment to going above and beyond in first-class service.     

Quality Mats

A first impression will only take you so far if the quality fails to meet your standards. We hold you in the highest regard, and we prove it with a plush, comfortable nylon surface that relieves the pressure that inevitably comes with a long workday. This eases the physical burdens that restrict employee performance, will boost morale, and enhance customer experience.

Preventing Slip-and-Falls

Accidents are an unavoidable reality in businesses with heavy foot traffic. Our logo mats sport a 100% nitrile rubber backing that goes toe-to-toe against those pesky slip-and-fall accidents that stop a smooth flow of operations dead in its tracks. Bring peace of mind to your employees and customers with a logo mat as durable as they are beautiful.

Full Service

We reinforce every product in our catalog with a service second to none. Streamlined deliveries, industrial laundering, seamless repair/replacements, expert quality control, and a dedicated customer support team ensure we replace headaches with solutions. 

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