Two-Tone Work Shirts

two tone shirts

Two-tone work shirts are an excellent way to make staff look professional while also representing the company brand with proper colors. They stand out against traditional, solid-colored work shirts and, with the right provider, have their own unique benefits. There’s only one business in Tennessee that reliably provides those benefits:

Uniform Masters Offers the Best Two Tone Shirts in Tennessee!

Since 1946, Uniform Masters has remained a leading provider of two-tone shirts in Tennessee. Our products are unique because they are:


Uniform Masters thoroughly tests each two-tone shirt for its ability to stand up under pressure. They are made of high-quality materials that ensure their long-lasting durability. They are wrinkle-resistant and retain their appearance over continued use. We work closely with our clients to provide them with the best fit for their business. This includes everything from sizing to our variety of color options to choose from.


Each two-tone shirt is designed with its wearers in mind. Our clients’ staff wears them for long periods, which is why we’ve ensured they remain comfortable the entire time. They are snag-proof and ergonomic so they won’t hinder movement in any way. Their moisture-wicking material keeps workers dry even in particularly sweaty situations. Additionally, these shirts also prevent odors from smelling and help maintain a fresh ambiance in the workplace.


The quality and comfortability of our two-tone shirts wouldn’t matter if they didn’t last. This is why we maintain each product ourselves on top of using long-lasting materials! Through our commercial laundry service, we closely monitor every item for rips, tears, or stains. Our team of experts and advanced machinery ensure that every item is always as good as new and properly inventoried.

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