Two-Tone Work Jackets

Two-Tone Work Jackets

Work uniforms carry a reputation as being a basic, paint-by-number garment with no personality. Infuse a splash of color into your work jackets and disrupt the status quo with a little flair. Uniform Masters’s two-tone work jackets are the #1 solution that will reflect the unique image your business deserves.

Set Yourself Apart

Competition rises as companies embrace cutting-edge technologies, making it harder for businesses to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. But competition also breeds ingenuity. Establish yourself as the gold standard with an eye-catching two-tone work jacket that finds harmony between looks, comfort, and functionality.

Protect Your Employees, Protect Your Business

Show your employee you value them as more than a means of revenue. Communicate your commitment to caring for them with a high-quality, moisture-wicking, durable, warm two-tone work jacket that goes toe-to-toe against life’s curveballs. Uniform Masters understands the secret to a great business is through great people. Protect your staff, and in turn, you will protect your business. 

Extensions of Success

Every uniform, linen, and service is an extension to reflect your success to your employees and prospective customers. Uniform Masters understands the value of subtlety and how powerful first impressions leave lasting impacts. Our two-tone work jackets prove that we go above and beyond in showcasing our commitment to quality at every opportunity.  


High-Quality Materials

Our athletic-inspired design on the sides and sleeves promotes industry-leading ergonomic functionality. An interior-lined polyester microfleece interior keeps you warm and cozy throughout a grueling workday. Unitex two-tone jackets utilize the latest in modern water-resistant technology with a 100% polyester woven shell bonded to a water-resistant film insert and 100% polyester microfleece lining. Rest assured, no matter the ebbs and flows of changing seasons, our all-purpose work jacket withstands the rigors of the day. 

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Let Uniform Masters provide you with first-class two-tone work jackets. We’re backed by a comprehensive service in streamlined deliveries, industrial laundering, repairs/replacements, and a dedicated customer service team here to address your questions and concerns. Call us at 901-363-4841 to start your service, or email us to learn more about our products and services.

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