A clean facility means a clean image!

November 29, 2016

You want your facility to be spotless, smell fresh, have an awe inspiring impression, but if the restrooms are uninviting and dingy you won’t have very pleased customers. Nobody wants to have their customers walk into a restroom and be so repulsed by the conditions that they refuse to do business at that company.

Recent research shows that 69% of people who use a dirty restroom will not return to that establishment in the future. 92% said that a dirty or unstocked restroom would give them a negative impression of the property. Further more 83% of employees said their restrooms at home were cleaner than those at work. Might people be thinking this of your restrooms ?

At Uniform-Masters we are dedicated to making every part of your facility clean and ready to give off good impressions. Always stocked, safe, and loaded with the best products in the business. We offer direct sale or full service programs which take the hassle out of inventory management and upfront costs to make your lives easier. Don’t waste another minute traveling to box stores to supply your restrooms, let us help you make your business’ facilities spotless and well-managed! Contact us today if you’re interested in our services and find out more about what Uniform-Masters has to offer.

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