OSHA’s new Walking and Working Surfaces Rule

May 18, 2017

As of January 2017 OSHA’s Walking and Working Surfaces rule has taken effect. Will this effect your work place ? It’s likely that it will!




Surface conditions. The employer must ensure:


All places of employment, passageways, storerooms, service rooms, and walking-working surfaces are kept in a clean, orderly, and sanitary condition.


The floor of each workroom is maintained in a clean and, to the extent feasible, in a dry condition. When wet processes are used, drainage must be maintained and, to the extent feasible, dry standing places, such as false floors, platforms, and mats must be provided.


Walking-working surfaces are maintained free of hazards such as sharp or protruding objects, loose boards, corrosion, leaks, spills, snow, and ice.


Read More about this news from OSHA: http://uniform-masters.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/images-1.pdf